Saturday, 6 April 2013

Of Femen activists

I slept early today so I woke up at 12 am. After performing my Isya', I ran down the net to surf for my studies. I've been running down slowly as I alternately looked to the net and books and notes at the same time. S much of multi-tasking huh?

Bored with the notes and case study, I ran down the net and read almost anything that came through my eyes.

Femen? What the fish is that? Yemen? Semen? Hahaha

Anyway, I found this word of 'Femen' in HijabiBengali Sisters' page. Please watch their videos because they are awesome as ever.
Femen was found in Ukraine and I was understood it was formed in order to free women. Specifically being free to be naked?

I do not need to explain the history and chronology of this Femen you can ran down the Google and let the internet serve you. From what I have read, saw and watched... the Femen somehow saying that 'covering' is like being oppressed. Saying 'my body my right' is like their tagline.

Running down the streets and stripped along the sideways roads just like posters, does not seem right to me.
For Ukrainians, aren't you cold?
Postering your boobies and vagina along the roads with your ' Femen ' messages, I don't think the streets get  it because they are tooo busy looking on your rocking boobies.

I've saw the pictures of the activists. They were naked. Like TOTALLY! And the streetsman? Happy faces with free-show on the road. I guess the wives cannot be mad as the chick volunteer themselves to be cook! So coincidence you went shopping down the the city and accidentally met the naked chicks, its like FREE FOOD FOR SHARKSSSS!

Shame on you the Femen.
With naked body, jumped around showing your so called 'freedom' messages, and got caught cuffed up with the police, thrown into the jail.... you have made us... you and me and all of the woman... so downgraded.

Femen? So much like man's eye-toys. Shame.Shame. Shame.

So you do not like to cover up your bodies? Fine.
So do not tell us, to stripped naked like you as we are not feel oppressed being modest.

                                    Without feeling oppressed, we are free as birdssss !!!!!

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