Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The upbringing

I have met many peoples at different venues and conditions. Yes, each individuals have that unique character that builds their personality. The attitudes? Is depending on how they are taught to live.

And here, I am at the corner of remote area of Selangor. Its about a year since my parents started to moved from Ampang. Ampang, one of the part at the big city of Kuala Lumpur. Yeah, I have grown up as city girl and live in the rock jungle and yeah, I survived in the dark city that people used to say.

" KL tu bahaya weihh... SOSIALL"

I remember when I was at KMPk, the first day I introduced myself. They looked at me as if I was a b*tch from KL coming to steal your BF. They told me KLians are socia, weirdo attire and blah blah blah.
Ok, enough of me.

Reflecting back the memories that I had with them, I remember a friend of mine asking me where do I came from. She was quite surprised when I told her Im from KL coz she thought I was from some remote area at Perak. Whatta? Can't you see the signature of KL carved on my forehead?? HAHA
She said I was like a Kampung Girl. I took it as a compliment though. Sopan santun gittew.

Now, Im looking at my friends in uni. The advanced one with all so accessories and dress up? Trust me. They are the one from the remote area.
We used to watched dramas in TV showing all the BAIK and feminine baju kurung shy shy pandai masak girl are from kampung and the bandar girl is the one with the rusty head, spoiled and have short dresses.

Stepping on the reality baby. From what I have observed, the situation is opposing. It is not where do you come from. Its how the upbringing. And here, me at new home... I've seen enough of life.


The children are spoiled. They talked back to their parents. Harshly. At 9. Yeahhh, she was 9 years old. Imagine what happen for the next 10 years?

Ok. All is messing up right now.

What I really want to say here is do not judge people from where they are from. The personality is themselves, the attitude? Its how they were taught to think and to behave. And... how much control of them over their own self.


Jeez.. thats a relief. :D

Monday, 5 November 2012

Andalah sifu!

Alhamdulillah saya masih lagi diberi peluang untuk bernafas di atas bumi Allah ini.

Pada Ahad lepas, saya telah diberi peluang untuk menghadiri seminar percuma Dr. Azizan. Walaupun kesihatan diri agak mengecewakan, saya tetap menggagahkan diri untuk merampas peluang yang telah tersedia di depan mata ini. Pada mulanya saya agak skeptikal. Kerana sayaseorang newbie yang tak ada idea pun nak bisnes apa. Pada awal seminar, mereka memulakannya dengan aktiviti kecergasan. Lompat2, chicken dance and disco dance I must say. Haha. Well, evethough I was in pain all over my body the dance got me in and dance like WOW!
Pain is pain, dance is dance baby!Hehe

Setelah menari atau bersenam ringkas, badan terasa segar..kesakitan masih terasa tapi semangat untuk belajar lebih terbuka. Benarlah kata orang, otak yang cerdas bermula dari badan yang cergas! ( Cerdas ke masalahnya? HAHA)

Anyway, what I really want to say here is actually about the new strength I gained after attending the seminar. As I said earlier at my previous post, I've done something that people seldom do. And it is upsetting my parents. But, I believe. This is the way for me to achieve success!

What I have learnt from Dr. Azizan:

- I am actually not literally know what I want.. what I know is I want to get the hell out from the hospital and start off something that is different from others yet still able to help others. Especially the Muslims.

- Believe that you are able to achieve the dream. It is better to keep it specified at particular aspect and period. For example, I MUST BE ABLE TO HAVE MY OWN CAR, MYVI FOR THE NEXT 3 MONTHS!
-Be specific, and hold it tightly in your aorta!

- He, Allah our only and the only God that is able to help us in many impossible ways that a human can think. We may think it is impossible, but there is nothing impossible to Allah.

- Do not missed your prayers! Always ask him your favours, your wishes to Him. Everyday, every minutes, everytime.


- Alhamdulillah, Thank you Allah for letting me breath again this morning.
- Alhamdulillah, Thank you Allah for giving me such a delicious breakfast.

- Always, always be grateful for small things... so that you can feel and able to be grateful for big things.

There you go, LETS MOVE PEOPLE!!

Nuff adz